4 Productive Ways to Start Your Day


4 Productive Ways to Start Your Day
image: 4 Productive Ways to Start Your Day It seems like most people could use a bit of a boost in energy and productivity these days, especially with the uncertainty and stress created by the pandemic. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. There are lots of ways you can increase the productivity and positivity of your day, and many of these approaches start with simple tweaks to your morning routine.

Plan your day the day before. At the end of your workday, or even before you go to bed, plan out what you need to accomplish the following day. Put everything on your list that you need to do, but make a note of the top three things you must achieve to feel you’ve had a productive day.

Get up two hours earlier. Research shows that people are most productive in the first two hours after getting up, although this can vary from one person to the next. If you’re a morning person, consider getting up earlier and planning to accomplish your most important work during those hours of peak productivity. Also, if you are going into work during the pandemic, you may even want to talk to your employer about working the first two hours of your day from home. If you aren’t a morning person, pay attention to when you feel most productive and block out that time every day for your most important work.

Meditate for five minutes every day. Meditation helps to relax the body and the mind before facing the busy day. When you’re meditating, spend some time visualizing your day. Picture yourself going through your day’s activities successfully, especially the most important ones.

Limit your time browsing emails. It’s easy to allow yourself to monitor your email inbox throughout the day so that you don’t overlook anything. However, the frequent distraction that email presents can get in the way of your work, and it can even put other people’s priorities ahead of your own. Unless you’re waiting for an important email, schedule time to check your email only twice per day.