Facts & Figures, Funny Money

Facts and FiguresMoney doesn’t just help us purchase goods and services – it’s pretty fascinating on its own.

Most counterfeited: The $20 bill is the most counterfeited bill, followed by the $100 bill.

Major counterfeiter: North Korea counterfeits the most American currency. The country specializes in $50 and $100 bills.

Life span: $1 bills usually only last about 18 months before they succumb to wear and tear.

Recycled bills: Worn-out bills and coins are recycled. Bills are shredded and made into roofing shingles or fire logs, while coins are melted down and remade into new coins.

Dirty money: Most bills are dirtier than a household toilet.

Digital over physical: Digital money rules over physical money – 92% of the world’s money is digital, while only 8% is physical.

Unique currency: Many communities in the United States, like Disney World, have their own currency.

Garden pennies: If you have slugs in your garden, put some pennies in it. Slugs receive electric shocks from the zinc and copper in pennies.

A penny’s worth: Pennies cost more to manufacture than they’re actually worth.