Buyers, 4 Tips for Getting Your Offer Accepted

In my 13 years in real estate, I’ve never seen this few homes on the market. It’s a very competitive market as a buyer, so you’ll need to work with the right team to get your offer accepted. These are the four things that give your offer the best chance of succeeding:

1. Using a local lender. I live and work in Greenville. When I get an offer that comes across my table from an outside lender, it immediately raises questions. I’m not sure who the lender is, how familiar they are with state laws, and more.


2. Using a well-known lender. When I see a pre-approval lender from someone I have done business with in the past, my concerns are eased. With an unknown lender, I have to spend more time doing my research to determine the actual strength of the offer.


“Without a great team, it’s going to be hard to win.”


3. Having a robust pre-approval. A simple pre-qualification letter just isn’t enough these days. A strong-pre approval verifies your income, confirms your credit, job history, and gets a complete financial picture to show the seller and their agent that you are a serious buyer.


4. Knowing your options. The team at NextHome is a perfect example of how creative thinking can get the job done. No matter what your situation, We can make sure that you have options and your offer is as strong as it can be.


Having an experienced and dedicated team on your side is so important as a homebuyer in this market. Without one, you’re going to keep getting beat out by other offers who do work with a local lender, do have a strong pre-approval, etc.